The Open and Shut Polish

Do you have polishes that are hard to open? Do you have those bottles that make a nasty squeaky sound when you close them?

If you answered yes to the questions above ,your bottles probably look something like this.


There is a way to fix this problem.

Often times when you are doing your nails you wipe the polish on the edge of the bottle before applying to your nails. This may cause some of that polish to get on the outside of the bottle. Once the polish is on the outside it makes the bottles hard to open. How do you fix this? It’s simple, seriously.

You will need a cotton ball and some nail polish remover.

1. Apply remover to cotton ball
2. Rub cotton ball around the edges of the bottle.

Note: do not get acetone/remover in the bottle. This happened to my friend once. The polish was never the same again!

Now wasn’t that easy?! You will be left with a clean bottle of polish and the cap will seem to slide right on. Here is my finished product.


I hope you liked it. Let me know your thoughts! I’d love to hear from you.

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My Monthly Nail Care

Do you want to have long, healthy nails? I would hope those of you reading this would say yes! Taking care of your nails is very important. Here is my monthly routine for what I do to have smooth, polish ready nails. Continue reading

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Zoya’s Polish Deal

Zoya is currently having an offer where if you buy their Liberty polish you get 2 bottles free. That’s one amazing deal! See photo for all the wonderful details!


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Ditch the Glitz: How to remove glitter polish

Glitter polish, need I say more? We all love to hate it. Sure, it looks GREAT on your nails. Does it look great coming off? No way. It’s a huge pain.

Well, you are lucky there is a way to remove glitter polish easier than 20 cotton balls and old fashion elbow grease.

One way is called the “foil method.” You will need nail polish remover, one/two cotton balls and foil. Continue reading

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Sale: Sephora by OPI


One thing I wanted to do with this blog was to talk about nail polish sales. Well, here is my first nail polish sale post. Sephora is having a sale on their OPI brand. Polishes are now 50% off. What was once $9.50 a bottle is now $4.50 a bottle (on select colors of course).

You can check out the polish sale here. I grabbed Havanna Dreams, Beauty Junkie, Just a Little Dangerous and What Aura Gone Where. I am excited to add new polishes to the collection. I am also happy to say I only spent my money on the shipping. Thank you mother for the Sephora gift cards!

Continue reading

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Pinsipration: Week 1

flowersWeek one of Pinsipration called for a neat flower nail art I found on Tumblr. I feel for my first time trying these I did well. As you can see I used SinfulShine Sailor’s Away as my base coat. You can see my review of the polish here.

The flowers are by no means perfect. However, I still loved this mani. I have learned some things if I try this again.

  1. Only use Migi’s Nail Art Pens when base coat is fully dry.
  2. Make your first flower as large as possible to allow for smaller flowers.
  3. A top coat can smooth the thick lines from the Migi’s Nail Art Pens creating a blended, better looking manicure.

I will admit that some nail art is not meant for all nail beds. I know the nail art here will never be able to look exactly like my pinsipration. Still I am happy with my outcome for these nails. I hope you like.

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SinfulShine: Swatch Me Now

sinful shineGel manicures have been quite the rage. My best friend received all the wonderful goodies that you need to do an at home gel manicure. Doing an at home gel manicure may be cheaper than at a nail salon, but it can still be pretty costly. The prices have gotten even smaller now.

SinfulColors Professional has now come up with a new line of nail polishes called SinfulShine. These polishes have what they call Gel Tech. The websites says they provide a rich color and brilliant shine. Continue reading

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